From a UX perspective, there are at least two kinds of nitpicking.

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The Voice of the User

Too many companies view experience design as a tool for tricking users into doing things they wouldn’t do otherwise.

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The Top Prototyping Tools of 2019

Prototyping is a key job for ux engineers and product designers. But with an endless list of prototyping tools to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start.

This post compares the top prototyping tools of 2019.

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Sketch Prototyping in Just 5 Minutes

Many designers overlook one of the best features of Sketch: prototyping.

Prototyping in Sketch is a quick, in-app alternative to tools like InVision, Marvel, and Adobe XD. And if you already own Sketch, it’s free.

Here’s a quick guide to building your first Sketch prototype in just 5 minutes.

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Decision Fatigue

Many design thinkers have written about decision fatigue.

The more choices a user needs to make, they argue, the less likely they are to complete a task.

Often, this is true. Users find endless choices without clear differences overwhelming.

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Psychographics > Demographics

I often see new product designers make the mistake of placing undue emphasis on demographics.

“This product is is for millenials.”

The problem this creates is that it inherently makes discussions vague. Demographic groups are rarely useful in product discussions because members of demographic groups rarely move as blocks.

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What Does “Seen” Mean?

How much confusion, frustration, and angst can be attributed to this single little message?

Is this the most emotionally charged UI element in history?

Seen 11:23pm.

Sometimes a UI element is more than just a UI element. Sometimes you introduce functionality with unintended consequences. Sometimes your work causes actual harm.

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How to Become a UX Engineer

Wondering how to become a UX engineer?

UX engineering is one of the best-paying jobs in tech. It’s also one of the most exciting. You get to help define the product vision, design and implement prototypes, and help drive growth for your company.

But before you can get a ux developer job, you need to master these 3 skills:

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3 Fantastic UX Design Course Options

Are Looking for a good UX design course? Here are 3 fantastic options to help jumpstart your UX design career.

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Customer Service

Sometimes, customer service is the most important part of a user’s experience. Some companies get this and some don’t.

What’s wrong with Citibank?

Last night, Citibank’s website asked me to reset my password. When I reset it, the bank’s site redirected me to the login form. When I entered my new credentials, the site asked me to reset my password. I was stuck in an infinite loop.

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