How to Become a UX Engineer

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Wondering how to become a UX engineer?

UX engineering is one of the best-paying jobs in tech. It’s also one of the most exciting. You get to help define the product vision, design and implement prototypes, and help drive growth for your company.

But before you can get a ux developer job, you need to master these 3 skills:

Skill #1 – Front-End Development

Front-end development is one of the foundations of UX engineering. UX engineers need to know how to code so they can create functional prototypes and implement finished features into their products.

How to Become a UX Engineer - Front-End Development

You’ll need to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before you can land an entry-level UX engineering job. Check out these resources and consider a JavaScript Class to get started.

Skill #2 – UX Design

UX engineers also need a basic understanding of UX design.

Designers know how to research user motivations and create elegant solutions to user problems. You’ll need to master some of these skills, too.

How to Become a UX Engineer - Design

If you’re ready to learn UX Design, check out these 3 Fantastic UX Design Course Options.

Skill #3 – Growth Hacking

At the end of the day, Growth Hacking is simply applied analytics. Your goal is to make your product as sticky and profitable as possible. You do this by measuring product performance, identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing them.

You then measure the results and repeat as needed.

How to Become a UX Engineer - Growth Hacking

While the process is simple, actually succeeding is challenging. What metrics should you measure? How do you predict the success of a hypothesis before you spend 3 weeks implementing it? What can you do to speed up the process?

If you’re ready to learn Growth Hacking, check out these Growth Hacking Course options.

Going Further

Still have questions about how to become a ux engineer? Check out the UX Engineer Playbook, a collection of free resources for UX engineers.

Or, drop me a line.