Product Analytics can help you acquire more users, keep them longer, and increase revenue.

This guide shows you how.

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The startup world gives so much attention to the first million users, that we often forget about the first hundred.

The first hundred users are important. Arguably far more important than the next 999,900.

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When developing a marketing strategy, it’s important to know the difference between gimmicks and hooks.

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The team over at Mixpanel wrote a wonderful article on measuring user adoption.

In the article, Mixpanel defines adoption as the process by which new users become acclimated to a product or service and decide to keep using it.

They suggest that user adoption conforms to this formula:

Adoption = Value / Effort

I think this is a solid start. If users see value in your product, they’re likely to use it as long as the effort of doing so isn’t too high. Too much time, too high a price, or too much confusion will sour the experience and decrease adoption.

But I’d like to suggest a few more nuanced measurements that build on this idea.

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Are you looking for a good Growth Hacking course? Here are 3 fantastic options to help you get started:

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Wondering how to become a UX engineer?

UX engineering is one of the best-paying jobs in tech. It’s also one of the most exciting. You get to help define the product vision, design and implement prototypes, and help drive growth for your company.

But before you can get a ux developer job, you need to master these 3 skills:

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Note: this is an excerpt from a new article I wrote about Dwell Time for Speckyboy. See the full article here.

Over the past few years, landing page design has become an industry in its own right, complete with an abundance of tools, courses, templates, and “hacks” for getting it right.

With bottom lines hanging in the balance, savvy designers and marketers keep a watchful eye on conversion rates. But even the best landing pages typically convert less than 40% of visitors. With so much riding on conversion rates, you’d think analytics tools would do a better job helping designers improve landing page performance. Yet, out of the box, tools like Google Analytics are completely inadequate for understanding why pages are converting poorly.

Bounce rates and demographic data tell us almost nothing about what a user is actually doing when they visit your landing page. Instead, we need real, actionable insights.

Dwell time—the amount of time a user spends on your page—is the key to unlocking this information and increasing your conversion rates.

Read the rest of this article on Speckyboy.

Last week, a colleague asked me how I think about brainstorming new user acquisition strategies.

While the answer depends significantly on the context of the business at hand, there are a few universals that apply to nearly every situation.

Here are 3 tips for brainstorming a new user acquisition strategy in any business.

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Around late December and early January, I like to reflect on some of the big lessons of the past year.

One of the things that’s stood out to me most over the past few weeks is that growth hacking will be even more important in 2018 than it was in 2017.

Why? Here are 5 reasons you should add growth hacking to your marketing mix—or increase your efforts—this year.

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