3 Fantastic UX Design Course Options

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Are Looking for a good UX design course? Here are 3 fantastic options to help jumpstart your UX design career.

#1 – Skillshare Courses

If you learn by doing, then Skillshare is an excellent place to find a great UX design course.

Cost: FREE for 2 Months – $8.25/month thereafter
Notable Feature: Project-Based learning
Time to Complete: 1+ hour per course

Skillshare is an online learning platform that focuses on project-based learning. Skillshare has over 25,000 courses taught by professionals at the top of their fields including courses on UX, web development, and just about everything else. For an in-depth review, see my article here.

Here are 3 of my favorite Skillshare UX design courses:

If you’re looking for an extremely complete UX course, look no further than Joe Natoli’s UX Design Fundamentals class. At 12 hours, the course is extremely thorough, and Joe is an excellent teacher.

UX Design Course: Fundamentals

If you’ve already done some UI or graphic design in the past, I recommend checking out Daniel Scott’s Earn Double as a UX Designer course.

Daniel’s course is about 2.5 hours, and he manages to teach a ton in that timeframe.

UX Design Course: Earn Double

I teach Lean UX Course that’s a great fit for anybody who wants a quick and dirty introduction to UX without spend.

Lean UX Course

Want to take one of these courses? Don’t forget to get 2 months free with my link.

#2 – Springboard’s UX Essentials Course

Springboard’s UX Essentials course is so popular, there’s often a waitlist.

UX Design Course - Springboard

Springboard students learn at their own pace and complete enough projects to build their own portfolio while learning.

Best of all, Springboard pairs students with a professional UX design mentor who call help answer UX questions, provide career advice, and help them get their portfolio in tip top shape.

Cost: $499/month – Get $250 Off Here
Notable Feature: Weekly meetings with professional design mentor
Time to Complete: Flexible; Typically 2 – 3 months

#3 – The DIY UX Design Course

If you want the most flexibility (and least structure), then designing your own UX course curriculum may be for you.

Cost: Free
Notable Feature: Googling for stuff
Time to Complete: Flexible; Beware of rabbit holes

Here are some resources to get you started:

  • Hack DesignHack Design is a set of 50 easy-to-follow design resources covering everything from usability to prototyping.
  • UX ApprenticeUX Apprentice is an example-based course designed to teach you the process UX designers use.
  • UX Crash Course – A great little intro to UX.

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