How to Use Dwell Time to Unlock Better Conversion Rates

Design Growth Hacking

Note: this is an excerpt from a new article I wrote about Dwell Time for Speckyboy. See the full article here.

Over the past few years, landing page design has become an industry in its own right, complete with an abundance of tools, courses, templates, and “hacks” for getting it right.

With bottom lines hanging in the balance, savvy designers and marketers keep a watchful eye on conversion rates. But even the best landing pages typically convert less than 40% of visitors. With so much riding on conversion rates, you’d think analytics tools would do a better job helping designers improve landing page performance. Yet, out of the box, tools like Google Analytics are completely inadequate for understanding why pages are converting poorly.

Bounce rates and demographic data tell us almost nothing about what a user is actually doing when they visit your landing page. Instead, we need real, actionable insights.

Dwell time—the amount of time a user spends on your page—is the key to unlocking this information and increasing your conversion rates.

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