User Stories


Most user stories are total shit.

As a user I want to create an account so I can access the application.

No real user has ever said something like this, because no real user has ever wanted something like this. Nobody actually wants to create an account or access an application.

People want more time or more money. They want to feel more in control or more connected. They want fulfillment or food in their bellies. They want to solve the real problems they face every day. They want concrete, significant improvements in their lives.

If you’re writing user stories like that, stop fucking around. Identify who people are and what they really want. Real user stories sound like this:

As a Boston professional, I want a casual, work-appropriate shoe I can wear when it rains heavily so I can look good without getting my feet wet or sacrificing comfort.

As designers and developers, we shouldn’t accept user stories that look like the first example. They lead to crap software and horrible experiences for users.