April 2019 Goals Update

Goals Update

At the beginning of the year, I set some big goals for 2019.

Here’s what I accomplished in April:

Writing – This month I decided to modify my writing goal a bit. Rather than writing 100+ words every day, I decided to focus on longer posts and more depth, so I set my goal at 3000+ words per month. I may keep this as is for the rest of the year, or modify it going forward.

I wrote a massive 2095-word guest post for InVision, several blog posts, totalling 1,238 words, and updates for several sections of the UX Engineer Playbook totalling 1004 words.

Exercise – The team at Swish decided to limit our challenge to 100 pushups and 2 minutes of planking per weekday, so I’m going to stop there as well.

Health – This was the goal I struggled most with this month. Despite good intentions, I snacked more than I should have and gained about 1.7 pounds. I’m still within 5 pounds of my annual goal, however, so I continue to track ahead of schedule.

Financial Challenge – I focused quite a bit in April on catching up on my goal to save over half of my post-tax income.

At the end of March, I had saved 29.8% of my annual goal, tracking a bit behind target. As of the end of April, I’m 57% of the way to my annual goal, so I’ve more than caught up.

Wedding – Leah and I started receiving RSVPs, picked a caterer, and nailed down several other key details!