WeSpire R&D

WeSpire was concerned that the limited size and crowded nature of its current market might limit its growth. As a result, the company was considering entering the $550B employee engagement market with a management coaching product. The team wanted to assess the viability of this potential new product, validating that sufficient demand existed across three key stakeholder groups—heads of HR, individual managers, and employees—to justify a full product effort.

My Role:

I led the team to assess the market, validate stakeholder interest through user interviews and landing page tests, and eventually design an alpha version of the product. My work included user research and interviews, funnel optimization, wireframes and prototyping, and UI design. I also oversaw the engineers developing the alpha and worked with the CEO to pitch the product to both new and existing customers.


The team validated demand with individual managers and employees via user interviews and targeted search campaigns, which achieved conversion rates 10x greater than the product’s core offering. The team also secured agreements with 5 enterprises to pilot the alpha.

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