Right Inbox


TLDR: Right Inbox is a fantastic extension for Gmail, packed full of features that make it well worth using.

Right Inbox is a popular email plugin for Gmail. If you’re looking for an affordable way to track email opens, automate bulk sending, schedule emails, or otherwise beef up your email, it’s well worth a look.

How Right Inbox Works

Right Inbox integrates with Gmail via a browser extension for the Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers. To install it, simply download the browser extension and enable it.

Once you’ve installed the browser extension, you’ll notice several new buttons when you compose an email:

Right Inbox - Main Features

These buttons give you access to all of the tool’s main features, like email tracking, scheduling, automation, and more.

Email Tracking

Like other tools in the category, Right Inbox offers email tracking. But the design of this feature feels a bit easier than other implementations.

Right Inbox - Email Tracking

You can enable open tracking and link tracking for each email you send with the click of a button. Right Inbox will even show you who opened the email and provide location and device info!

Scheduling & Recurring Emails

Right Inbox’s scheduling feature is another area that the tool really shines.

Right Inbox - Scheduling and Recurring Emails

If you work with clients across the world, for example, and want to send an email at the beginning of their workday, the scheduling feature is perfect. If you work in sales or marketing, using this feature ensures optimal open rates.

You can even create recurring emails for things like monthly invoices, weekly meeting agendas, or monthly reports, making it a fantastic option for freelancers.

Automation & Sequences

One of the tool’s most impressive features is Sequences.

Right Inbox - Automation and Sequences

Sequences are series of emails that you automatically send to a contact until they reply. They’re an extremely powerful tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks. With Sequences, you can automate your entire email outreach. This is a fantastic option for backlink building campaigns, sales emails, and more.


Right Inbox has a free tier that includes all of the key basics.

RightInbox - Pricing Tiers

The professional plan costs $5.95 per month when purchased yearly, or $7.95 per month when paid month-to-month. Both payment options include unlimited access to every feature.

Right Inbox Grade: A+

Overall, Right Inbox is a fantastic option for email tracking and automation.

If you’re looking to enhance your email experience, I definitely recommend downloading the tool and trying it out.