Gmelius Review (2020) – “The Surprising Truth”

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TLDR: Gmelius is a fantastic extension for Gmail, packed full of features that make it well worth using.

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Gmelius is an extremely popular email tool.

So if you’re looking for an affordable way to track email opens, automate bulk sending, and more, this Gmelius review is for you.

But is it really worth it?

How Gmelius Works

Gmelius integrates with Gmail via a browser extension for the Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers. To install it, simply download the browser extension and enable it.

Gmelius - Browser plugins for Chrome, Safari, and Opera
Gmelius integrates with Gmail via a browser plugin for these popular browsers.

Once you’ve installed the browser extension, you’ll notice a new button in Gmail:

Gmelius - The new gmail button.
After installing the browser extension, you’ll get a new button in Gmail.

From there, you can use all of the main features, like email tracking, scheduling, automation, and more.

Email Tracking

Gmelius is probably best known for its email tracking feature.

To start, just enable tracking when composing an email:

Gmelius - Email tracking.
Enabling email tracking…

You can choose to enable tracking for a specific email, or enable tracking on all emails by default.

Once you’ve sent your email, you can find it in the sent emails section in Gmail. To the right, you’ll see an activity stream for the email:

Gmelius - The email activity stream.
The tracking stream lets you see who opened your email, when, and how many times.

Unlike other email trackers, Gmelius actually shows you exactly who read your emails and when they opened them. Pretty nifty, right?

Scheduling & Recurring Emails

The scheduling feature is absolutely fantastic.

Gmelius - Scheduling tools.
The scheduling feature is extremely powerful.

If you’re in a situation where you want to write an email now and send it at a specific time—for example, at the beginning of the work day overseas—the scheduling feature is perfect.

You can even create recurring emails to send follow-up reminders (to yourself or others) on a regular basis.

Salespeople and marketers will find these features particularly useful, as they make it easy to ensure your emails get delivered at the absolute best time.

Automation & Sequences

One of the features that really blew me away is Sequence Automation.

With Sequences, you can automate huge portions of your email outreach based on whether recipients open your email, click links, and more.

An image of the sequence automation builder.
The sequence builder lets you automate huge portions of your email workload.

Say you have a sales email campaign, and after 2 days you want to send a follow-up. With sequences, you can choose which follow-up to send based on whether or not the recipient saw your last email.

Gmelius Review: Pricing

Pricing tiers are fair and plans are incredibly comprehensive.

The free tier includes email open tracking, send later, email reminders, templates, and much more:

The Free Forever plan...
The comprehensive, forever-free plan.

For power users, the paid plans offer two additional options:

Gmelius offers two paid plains.
Two paid plan options for power users

If you send and track email frequently, want to automate large portions of your workflow, or need to collaborate with team members, these paid plans will be a great fit.

Final Gmelius Review Grade: A+

Overall, Gmelius is a fantastic email tracking and automation tool.

I’m a daily user myself, which is why I can conclude this Gmelius review by confidently recommending it with an A+ grade.

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