Dealing with Setbacks

Personal Growth

We’ve all heard that setbacks are opportunities.

Think of setbacks as learning opportunities is a useful trope, albeit a tired one.

But there’s little good advice about how to recover quickly from a setback.

Here are a few tactics that work for me:

  • Get out of dodge – Go for a run, take a vacation, meditate. However you do it, temporarily leaving the context of the setback can be extremely helpful.
  • Sleep – This can be tough when you’re particularly stressed, but it’s worth placing extra emphasis on this. You won’t make good, rational decisions when you’re exhausted. Take some melatonin if you need to.
  • Eat a solid meal – When I’m upset, the last thing I want to do is cook. But having a good, healthy meal goes a long way to improving my mindset. Order one if you need to.
  • Journal – 10 minutes writing about your setback is often worth hours of thinking about it.