WeSpire User Retention Improvement

WeSpire’s core offering was a corporate social responsibility product designed to help enterprises market and run various positive impact initiatives. End-user retention for the product was falling well below the expectations of WeSpire and its customers, and the team needed to improve the stickiness of the product to ensure that customers renewed their contracts.

My Role:

I led the team to assess the problem, uncover root causes, and design solutions. My work included user research and testing, funnel optimization, wireframes, and prototyping. I also oversaw the UI design of the final solutions.


The team identified two key contributors to the problem: a poor first-time user experience and poor user nurturing. By improving the first-time user experience and optimizing and expanding user nurturing, the team was able to increase user activation by 26% and double user retention for both the 0-30 day and 31-60 day periods.

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