January 2019 Goals Update

Goals Update

At the beginning of the month, I committed to writing 100 words a day for the entire year of 2019.

I also committed to a few other goals:

  • Exercise – Every weekday, do as many pushups, squats, and seconds of planking as the current day of the year. My team at Hipmatic is also doing this, so it makes it fun.
  • Health – Lose 15 pounds.
  • Financial Challenge – Save 55% of my post-tax income (up from about 40% last year).
  • Get My Wedding Planned – Enough said.

Here’s what I accomplished in January:

  • Writing – 31 days down, 31 blog posts and counting! Sometimes I wrote a few days ahead of time so I could skip weekends, and there was one day I had to catch up a bit, but in general I’ve stuck to this challenge.
  • Exercise – No days missed! I’m up to 31 pushups, squats, and seconds of planking. I’m excited to hit 59 at the end of February.
  • Health – I lost 6.3 pounds in January, about 42% of the way to my goal. Not too shabby. For those interested, I’ve been using the Noom app, and it’s been fantastic. Read my Noom review.
  • Financial Challenge – I saved just over 48% of my post-tax income in January, so I have a bit of catching up to do in February.
  • Wedding Planning  – Leah and I narrowed down our options, and we’ll likely tie the knot in Mexico sometime in early 2020. Super excited about this.