Fast Learner

Learn New Skills in a Weekend

Fast Learner is a series of free courses designed to help you learn new skills—like ux and ui design—in just a weekend.

Fast Learner is based on the principles of rapid skill acquisition and designed specifically to help you learn new skills in 20 hours or less.

Learn UX in a Weekend

Learn UX design in just a weekend, from the basics of user centered design to improving the usability of complex apps. The course includes:

  • The 2-Minute Hack to Understand What Your Users Really Want
  • Picture-Perfect Personas & Empathy Maps
  • Testing Solutions with Lean UX
  • Design Thinking & Usability Heuristics
  • Sketching, Wireframing, and Prototyping
  • The Usability Testing Secret to Improving Your Product in Under 2 Hours
  • Fast Learner Hacks for UX – The Trick to Mastering UX in a Weekend

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Learn UI in a Weekend

Coming Soon – Learn UI design in just a weekend. This course will cover everything you need to know to design beautiful, functional user interfaces. The course will include:

  • UI Tools You Can Master in Under an Hour
  • 8 Basic Rules for Amazing User Interfaces
  • Color Palettes without the Fuss
  • Why Visual Hierarchy Is the Most Important UI Skill
  • Typography in 60 Seconds
  • 4 Basic Layouts That Always Work
  • Adding Depth with Patterns, Gradients, and More
  • The Thief’s Guide to Stealing UI
  • Fast Learner Hacks for UI – How to Create Your First Beautiful Interface in Just a Weekend

Coming Soon

Why Fast Learner?

After coaching hundreds of aspiring designers, I saw the same frustrations over and over again. Why can’t I make progress faster? The average design course takes over 60 hours, fails to help students progress, and costs hundreds of dollars.

I wanted to create something different that helps people learn a new skill in just a weekend.