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What’s a typical UX engineer salary?

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a UX engineer is $107,670. That’s 18% higher than the average salary for a UX designers and 3.5% higher than the average salary for front-end engineers.

UX Engineer Salary: How much should you be earning?

Here’s a look at the average UX engineer salaries in top metros across the country:

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UX Engineering

On Tuesday, I mentioned that I’ve been working on turning my 100 Words a Day into something bigger.

Today, I’m excited to announce the UX Engineer Playbook.

What’s a playbook?

The idea behind the playbook is to organize the best tips, trends, and insights in one place to give product practitioners a quick way to level up their skillsets.

The UX Engineer Playbook is just the first in a series. I’m also planning playbooks on UX Design, Growth Marketing, and SEO.

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Design UX Engineering

Are Looking for a good UX design course? Here are 3 fantastic options to help jumpstart your UX design career.

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UX Engineering

What is a UX engineer?

UX engineering is one of the top-paying jobs in tech. But what do UX engineers actually do?

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UX Engineering

Doug Collins wrote an interesting article proposing a formula for valuing UX.

In a nutshell, Collins argues that the average UX designer eliminates at least 25% of the rework that developers need to do. This means hiring a UX designer is nearly always a risk-free investment.

I could quibble with the 25% number, but it essentially feels right, at least from an order of magnitude standpoint.

But, to be honest, I think Collins is missing the point. Most products don’t fail because of costly engineering rework. They fail because they don’t solve real problems for their users.

So good UX designers don’t just design features. They design the entire product, making sure that it’s actually solving the problems its users need solved.

This is the difference between a beautiful product nobody uses and an ugly one that people love. *Cough* Craigslist *Cough* It’s hard to put a value on that type of work, but it’s clearly more than a 25% cost savings.

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