April 2019 SEO Update


Since the begging of the year, I’ve been posting SEO updates so you can see what it’s like to grow a site from scratch with less than an hour per day of work.

Here’s what I did in April:

  • Wrote 8 blog posts
  • Published a guest post on the InVision blog
  • Made significant updates to the UX Engineer Playbook copy and structure

And here’s what my efforts produced:

  • 139 Organic Visitors (+148% Increase, up from 56)
  • 6,436,016 Ahrefs Rank (+28.9% Decrease, down from 9,056,404)

While my organic traffic is still small, it’s continuing to increase steadily. In fact, my growth is actually accelerating (last month was a 100% increase), so it’s nice nice to see that my efforts are starting to compound, which you’d expect to happen over time since it’s generally easier to rank for terms as your overall domain authority increases.

This month, I also decided to track my Ahrefs Rank. AR is a metric that tracks the backlink profile of an entire domain relative to other domains in Ahrefs database. The lower your score, the better your backlink strength. This is my first month tracking this metric, but I think it’s appropriate since it focuses on backlinks, which are the biggest driver of SEO success.

Focus for May

It became obvious in April that a lot of my effort writing quick blog posts was wasted. Most of those 100-word posts won’t produce any traffic at all, while the small hand-full of longer, well-researched posts were worth their weight in gold.

As such, in May I’m going to focus more on the quality of my posts. I’ll likely write some new articles, but I’ll also be working on more guest posts and adding to or rewriting existing posts that are starting to rank well.